The 13th of Never

    (Slave Labor, 2004)
™ and ©2004 Crab Scrambly and Brad Canby

This combination of prose and black and white illustrations is a unique work in comics. The digest format book is the story of Zazil, a boy with horrible luck born on the 13th of October. An orphan, Zazil’s only mission in life is to avoid the bad luck that plagues him. To this end, every year, on his birthday, Zazil buys himself a good luck charm to ward off evil. On his 13th birthday, the curio that he purchases in a strange shop changes the course of his life and sets him on a path of adventure and discovery. This irreverent tale of gothic humor is reminiscent of director Tim Burton’s works like Oyster Boy or Edward Scissorhands and shares a passing resemblance to the artwork of cult hero Michel Gagne (Him) Goth fans beware, there’s a new player in town!

— Ryan H. Jackson

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 ca. 2004Crab ScramblyCrab Scrambly