2-Headed Giant

    (A is A, 1995)
™ and © A is A

This black-and-white independent comic features two stories, “Eaglehart” by Jeff Matheson and “The Cavalier and the Cutthroat” by Daniel McKinnon.

Eaglehart is a well-written and drawn fantasy tale featuring two fearless and tough women warriors, Myrha, also known as Lady Eaglehart, and her friend Pren. Myrha is an expert swordswoman, while Pren prefers the bow. Together they fight assassins, demons, and slayers of innocents in Shalomir, the City of the Gods.

The Cavalier and the Cutthroat is the weaker of the two tales, both art and story-wise. Tomas Fawkes is a failure of a man who has stolen a valuable piece of property from a vindictive wizard known as the Cathandler. Serah and Freddie Fawkes are his hapless wife and son. Daniel Dewar is a hero the Fawkes family meets on a ship while fleeing the Cathandler. Can the Fawkes escape the fury of the Cathandler, even with Daniel’s strong sword arm protecting them?

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 Anthology; B&WJeff Matheson, Daniel McKinnonDaniel McKinnon, Jeff Matheson