2112 (John Byrne’s…)

    (Dark Horse, 1991-1992, 1994)
™ and ©1994 John Byrne

With this graphic novel, John Byrne introduces the future world which would give us the Next Men. It’s been almost a hundred and fifty years since the first genetic mutants were discovered in 1963 (coincidentally, the start of the Marvel Universe), and a hundred since the “trigger gene” was isolated. In the years that followed, mutant “halflings” have been steadily captured and sent to internment offworld. Mankind, meanwhile lived in a state of safety and security, guarded by the elite group of police operatives called Safeguard.

But things were about to change for this brave new world. A being of pure evil called Sathanus had seized control of the halfling facility, and launched a plan to attack Earth. Sathanus was death incarnate—able to drain the life from anyone he touches. Along with an army of escaped halflings, he planned to bring the world of the future crashing down in ruin.

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