24: Midnight Sun

    (Idea + Design Works, 2005)
™ and ©2005 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Like the television show upon which they are based, 24 comics are interesting experiments. In the show, each episode represents an hour of real time. Accordingly in the comic, every page or so also represents an hour. CTU Agent Jack Bauer’s task in Midnight Sun is to infiltrate a nasty eco-terrorist group. Led by the duplicitous Kristin Doehring, the group is at first suspicious of Jack, but after seeing his trumped up credentials and how he operates on a small-level assignment, they begin to trust him. Nearly twenty-four hours later, the terrorist’s ultimate agenda is revealed: an attack on an experimental oil drilling installation that may render the United States’ subterranean oil fields permanently useless. Can Jack stop them before someone in the group exposes him as a government operative?

Writer J. C. Vaughn duplicates the rhythm of the television show well, without commercial interruptions, and artist Mark Haynes captures authentic actor likenesses perfectly.

— Jerry Smith

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  J.C. Vaughn, Mark HaynesRenato Guedes