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Six months before the start of the third season of the hit television series, CTU agent Jack Bauer is working deep cover inside a major Mexican drug cartel—deep enough that he’s voluntarily acquired a heroin habit as extra camouflage. He and Enrique Hinojosa, another up–and–comer, are sent to a Long Beach hotel to pick up a package from an important supplier; this seems to be a simple task, but the Salazar brothers give them both secret instructions to kill the other if they so much as seem to be an undercover agent. The complexity of the situation multiplies yet again as Chechen terrorists take over the hotel and kidnap the Secretary of State and Russia’s Foreign Minister when their helicopter lands on the roof. Terrorists punctuate their demands with explosions while CTU struggles to find out why the officials were meeting without their knowledge, and Agent Bauer has to find out what’s going on without compromising his own mission. But as he learns more about his captors’ intents, compromising his identity may be the least of his worries.

— Joe Trela

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  J.C. Vaughn, Mark HaynesManny Clark