28 Days Later: the Aftermath

    (HarperCollins, 2007)
™ and ©2007 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Based on the movie 28 Days Later

With 28 Weeks Later coming to theaters, the powers that be wanted a segue connecting it to the first film, 28 Days Later (2002). (Can 28 Months Later, 28 Years Later, and 28 Decades Later be far behind in the sequel factory?) As a result, this latest project from über-comics-horror-meister Steve Niles, who never seems to be far from such projects as this. The result, this time, is an entertaining story without innovation or notable additions to the zombie genre.

The government conspiracies, blood vomited into faces, brain-biting, virus-spreading yumminess is present and accounted for en masse, as per zombie-tale modus operandi. However, outside of fans of the genre looking for another piece of entertainment, there’s not much here.

The art is pleasing to the eye throughout, with multiple artists handling various parts of the four-chapter story, and Dennis Calero being the main contributor. But, as is the case with the writing, we’ve all seen these blood-spattering visuals before, no matter how cool it may be on the eyes.

If you like zombie stories—especially if you have seen the first film or plan to see the second—then reading this is fine. If you’re not a zombie fanatic, you can take a pass on this one.

—Ray Sidman

From the Publisher:

Two idealistic scientists unwittingly developing the deadliest virus the world has ever known… A family making desperate choices as they struggle to survive the Infection’s initial outbreak… A lone gunslinging survivor battling the Infected in a decimated London… Four original tales chronicling the greatest horror humanity has ever faced come together in a bloody conclusion as terrifying as the Rage Virus itself.

Written by horror master Steve Niles (creator of the classic 30 Days of Night) and illustrated by three of the most terrifyingly talented illustrators working in comics today, 28 Days Later: The Aftermath begins before the hit movie—and ends with a shocking revelation that leads into the events of the sequel, 28 Weeks Later.

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 ca. 2007Steve Niles, Alex GarlandDennis Calero, Diego Olmos, Ken Branch, Nat Jones