The 3 Geeks: Full Circle

    (3 Finger Prints, 2003)
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Let’s not talk about 3 Geeks. Let’s talk about Seinfeld.

You know what was great about Seinfeld? The way three or four disparate plots would all intertwine in the end. Jerry starts a fire. Kramer delays the fire truck’s arrival. Elaine’s boss goads George into revealing his ATM code to free a trapped bank customer. It’s beautiful and they did it week after week.

That’s what the Koslowskis do here. In this tale, the “origins” of the Geeks are revealed. (The “origins” are how they became comic-book aficionados.) The way in which these stories are interwoven is impressive to start with. When they cross with the “origins” of Jim’s uncle, Sky the Goth chick, and Buck Rodinski, the story becomes mind-boggling.

(Buck Rodinski, famed discoverer of the Kilometer High Comic Collection, couldn’t possibly be based on anyone with whom CBG readers might be familiar.)

As clever and intelligent as the story is — and it is — there is a down side. All the action happens in flashback with copious expository dialogue. Nothing actually happens in the here and now.

Still and all, it is an challenging tale to write and one that will have readers occasionally flipping back to re-read parts to see how they tie in after the fact. (It’s sort of like watching The Sixth Sense a second time.)

Compared to Seinfeld and The Sixth Sense in one review? That’s not a bad comic book!

— Jack Abramowitz

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