3-D Adventure Comics

    (Stats Etc., 1986)
™ and © Stats Etc., Inc.

Graphic artists rejoice! Stats, Etc. is here! Well, Los Angeles, but you get the idea. The best way to sell a product is to demonstrate it, and that’s exactly what Stats, Etc. does in this fast-paced gimmick comic. The entire book, done in the tradition of classic pulp comics, features art by Steve Vance and 3-D effects by Ray Zone, the master of the technique.

Thrill to the exploits of the amazing Statman as he battles the insidious Dr. Deadline! Gasp as the beautiful Stella, Queen of the Stat Jungle, fights the menace of rising stat costs! Experience the excitement of a late night tryst, because Stats, Etc., which promises great quality at lower prices, also features longer hours than most other shops!

Although it may be just an advertising gimmick, this fun-to-read comic is more professionally produced than many other comics on the market.

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 1st Appearance of StatmanSteve VanceSteve Vance