3-D Heroes

    (Blackthorne, 1986)
©1985 Cliff MacGillivray and Steve Huston

What’s better than a fast-paced collection of sword and sorcery stories? For creators Steve Huston and Cliff MacGillivray, the answer is sword and sorcery in 3-D.

This one-shot comic uses a special red-blue printing process which will make you blind if you just flip open the book and start reading. On the other hand, if you have a special pair of glasses with a red cellophane lens on one side and blue cellophane on the other, something incredible happens. Monsters leap off the page, castles recede into the distance, and sword fights seem to come to life. The only drawback is that the necessary glasses seem not to have been included with this comic. For those, you’ll have to seek out one of the other 3-D titles, such as The Twilight Zone (Vol. 3) 3-D special.

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September, 1986
4 copies available from $3.00
 In 3-D, glasses not includedCliff MacGillivraySteve Huston