3-D Three Stooges

    (Eclipse, 1986-1987)
™ and ©1986 Norman Maurer Productions, Inc./Columbia Pictures Industries

Norman Maurer worked with Charles Biro on the seminal crime comic Crime Does Not Pay. Later, he went on to help produce the first 3-D comic books, including a run of Three Stooges comics for St. John in 1953. Perhaps not coincidentally, Maurer was married to the daughter of Moe Howard, the lead Stooge.

Decades later, Eclipse republished Maurer’s run of Three Stooges in 3-D. Here, the wacky trio takes trips to the moon, travel through time, and engage in all manner of goofball humor, with the three-dimensional effect looking quite good indeed.

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September, 1986
3 copies available from $5.25
 Stuntgirl backup feature; Eclipse 3-D #11Norman MaurerNorman Maurer


November, 1986
1 copy available for $3.99
  Norman MaurerNorman Maurer