(Dell, 1953)
™ and ©1953 Hall Seeger

Nineteen-fifties children’s television favorites like Flukey Luke and Rootie Kazootie sprang from the silver screen to the comics with this special 3-D series. The artwork cleverly composited photographs of the various costumed actors into a stereoscopic pair of red and blue images. When viewed with the included glasses, these merged to form a three-dimensional image.

Truth to tell, the effect was not terribly good, since the photographic process didn’t allow for as much depth differential as more traditionally drawn comics. The best shots appeared when the actors were set against a backdrop which could be photographed separately. Still the comics were fun, bringing back fond memories of dog/cowboy Flukey Luke, his girlfriend Lazy Susan, friendly Indian Two-Feathers, and their arch-nemesis Cactus Bill.

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 Rootie Kazootie; 3-D glasses included; ca. 1953  


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 Flukey Luke; 3-D glasses included; ca. 1953