The 39 Screams

    (Thunder Baas, 1986-1988)
™ and ©1986 Thunder Baas Press

Many consider the 1980s to be the “hey day” of comic books. Sales were up, the medium had drawn considerable attention from the mainstream press and every artist with an idea turned to it to get their story told. At least that was the case with “indie” publisher Thunder Baas Press and its flagship title The 39 Screams. The black and white anthology title looks back to the days when horror stories were the norm—when publishers like E.C. and books like Tales from the Crypt ruled the market.

The crudely drawn, 32-page monthly boasts three original horror shorts, as well as a handful of “monstrous” pinups, in each issue. Modern day vampire stories, retooled monster classics and the obligatory mad scientist tale (like “The Man Who Experimented On Animals” for example), while old hat by today’s standards, are sure to interest fans eagerly awaiting the genre’s return to the world of comics.

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 ca. 1986  


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 ca. 1986Ed ColbyBob Kathman, Kevin Walsh, Stephen Blickenstaff


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