(Marvel, 2000)
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Conceived by renowned comic book artist Alex Ross as a prequel to Universe X, 4 is a good jumping on place for readers new to Ross’ vision of the Marvel Universe’s future. In this one shot, we learn that in the near future humanity has been mutated by the bizarre Inhuman Terrigen Mists. In this new world where everybody is now “super,” one time heroes like Reed ‘Mr. Fantastic’ Richards are considered a threat to the status quo. Richards, now a recluse after the death of his wife, Sue ‘The Invisible Woman’ Richards, hopes to return humanity to its former state. To do so, he enlists the help of his friends and foes, as well as the new enigmatic Mar-Vell child. But can Richards save humanity from itself? Especially when he may not be able to even save himself from his nearly crippling depression? Only the latest incarnation of the Watcher knows. That is if he can survive a disturbing conversation with a different, yet strangely familiar Galactus.

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 Universe X tie-in; Sue Richards restored to lifeJim Krueger, Alex RossBrent Anderson

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