(Marvel, 2003)
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A congresswoman struggles between being reelected and voting her conscience on a war resolution.

The lives of a Baha’i boy named Hassan and a Palestinian boy named Nazir intersect with deadly results.

A writer praises the moment when his words capture the intricacies of the dance of life.

There are no super-heroes in this three-issue limited series, just everyday heroes playing their parts in a post-9/11 world. The hype for 411 – which grew out of an e-mail exchange between Joe Quesada (Daredevil) and Mark Millar (The Ultimates) – indicated that the series celebrates peacekeepers, those who stand up for peace in spite of the odds against them. There are some great stories here, given life by beautiful artwork. Definitely worth a look for those who want something beyond spandex and fisticuffs.

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Cardstock cover Dr. Arun Gandhi, Bill Jemas, Chuck Austen, Mark Millar, David ReesDavid Mack, Phil Winslade, Frank Quitely, Tony Salmons


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Cardstock cover Brian K. Vaughan, Bruce Jones, Darko Macan, Danijel ZezeljLeonardo Manco, Sean Phillips, Danijel Zezelj