7th Sea: Absolution

    (Studio G, 2002)
™ and © Studio G

Absolution is a much-improved follow-up to Studio G’s previous 7th Sea series, Prelude to Ruin. Writers Rob Vaux and Jim Pinto return with a new artist, colorist, and set of characters, chronicling a new tale that is seemingly unrelated to the first. This time, Musketeer Marceau Leveque d’Aur finds himself unable to cope with the loss of a former partner killed in battle years earlier. But even as he continues to mourn, he finds that this dismal chapter in his life is not quite over.

Artist Adriano Batista and colorist D.W. Gross turn in work far better than their counterparts on the previous series; the costumes and backgrounds are convincingly authentic and richly colored. Writers Vaux and Pinto have also improved in the short span of time between story arcs, although the Musketeer d’Aur is far too one-dimensional to be interesting. But other characters, like the Castilian swordsman who takes exception to d’Aur’s ramblings, prove far more intriguing. As does the mysterious ghostly freighter that appears later in the story.

Fans who didn’t quite take to the last series will definitely enjoy this one, as will fans of swashbucklers, pirates, and high-seas adventures.

— Jim Johnson

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