9 Lives

    (Neko, 2003)
™ and ©2003 David Ronzone

During Egypt’s Ninth Dynasty, The City of Heliopolis was home to the Temple of Bast and its young priestess, Darrian-Lynx. All is perfect in Egyptian society until Anubus arrives, steals the Eye of Ra from the Temple and has Darrian’s father killed before her eyes. But Darrian has other surprises when she learns her mother is in fact a goddess and she is given the quest to recover the Eye before Anubus learns how to use its awesome powers. With the Onk Sword of Osiris and her faithful cat-steed, Ziek, to carry her across the burning sands, Darrian must hunt down a god while coming to grips with being the daughter of Bast and all that involves.

—Ronald L. Black

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