9-11: Emergency Relief

    (Alternative, 2002)
™ and ©2001 the respective creators

The terrorist strikes against the United States on September 11, 2001 stunned the world. The shock of the initial loss of life on the hijacked airliners was intensified by the subsequent deaths of police and fire personnel when the World Trade Center buildings collapsed. Offers of help and support in the days and weeks following the atrocity poured in from all corners of the world. The comic industry was not lax in this regard. Several publications appeared: Heroes (Marvel), A Moment of Silence, 9-11 and 9-11: Emergency Relief among them. The proceeds from the sale of these books were directed to various organizations and relief efforts.

9-11 Emergency Relief from Alternative Comics (whose proceeds went to the American Red Cross) featured writers and artists from independent and underground publishers who contributed personal stories of the effect the attack had on them. Will Eisner and Harvey Pekar were among the creators who contributed to this volume.

— George Haberberger

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 B&WHarvey Pekar, Jeff Smith, Sam Hester, Gail Simone, Laurenn McCubbin, Jessica Abel, Danny Donovan, Will Eisner, Ted Rall, Neil Vokes, Alex Robinson, James Kochalka, Fly, Dean HaspielAlex Robinson, Danny Donovan, Dean Haspiel, Fly, Gail Simone, Harvey Pekar, James Kochalka, Jeff Smith, Jessica Abel, Laurenn McCubbin, Neil Vokes, Sam Hester, Ted Rall, Will Eisner