Batman: Hollywood Knight

    (DC, 2001)
™ and © DC Comics

What if Batman and Robin were just characters in a wildly popular series of movies, not super-heroes at all, portrayed by all-too-human actors? What if super-heroes were pure fiction—that is, until a series of events conspire to turn a normal man into the hero he had previously only pretended to be? That’s the case here, with Batman’s actor a pampered pretty boy and Robin’s a truly heroic, albeit balding, sidekick. Like their comic book namesakes, though, they’ve got enemies, in the form of a ruthless movie studio mogul determined to shut their independent studio down, whatever it takes. Be careful not to call said mogul by his nickname, though—The Joker. He has one thing in common with his counterpart…a desire to kill Batman and Robin.

This clever and entertaining DC Elseworlds mini-series is written by Bob Layton and drawn by Dick Giordiano.

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