America’s Best Comics Primer

    (WildStorm, 2008)
™ and © WildStorm, an imprint of DC Comics

(from the publisher)

Featuring the writing talents of Alan Moore, this volume collects TOM STRONG #1, PROMETHEA #1, TOP 10 #1, TOMORROW STORIES #1 and TOM STRONG’S TERRIFIC TALES #1, with tales of Jack B. Quick, Greyshirt, First American, Jonni Future, Cobweb and Splash Brannigan.

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 Collects Tom Strong #1, Tomorrow Stories #1, 6, Prometha #1, Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales #1, Top10 #1, America’s Best Comics Collection #1Alan Moore, Steve MooreChris Sprouse, Jim Baikie, Hilary Barta, Melinda Gebbie, Kevin Nowlan, Rick Veitch, J.H. Williams III, Jaime Hernandez, Alan Weiss, Gene Ha, Zander Cannon, Arthur Adams