Marvel: Your Universe Saga

    (Marvel, 2008)
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August, 2008
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“Not for Resale” notation on back cover; Wraparound cover; Summariezes events in the Marvel Universe from Secret War to half-way point of Secret Invasion; Includes 15 sample pages from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Madison Carter, Michael Hoskin, Anthony Flamini, Eric J. Moreels, Ronald Byrd, Chris Biggs, Stuart Vandal, Richard GreenDaniel Acuña, Jack Kirby, Mark Texeira, Gus Vasquez, Clayton Henry, Dave Cockrum, Bryan Hitch, Aaron Lopresti, Steve Epting, Lee Weeks, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Dermot Power, John Byrne, Tom Sutton, Timothy Green II, Scot Eaton