The Amazing Spider-Man (Pocket Books, 2nd Series)

    (Pocket, 1980)
™ and ©1980 Marvel Industries

In the late 1970s, your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man began appearing in newspapers across the country with two men who certainly weren’t strangers to ol’ Web-Head at the creative helm—Stan Lee, one of the founding fathers of the Marvel Universe, and John Romita, a legendary artist who helped define the Marvel style. This paperback from Pocket Books collects several months’ worth of strips, which bring Spidey into conflict with both Doctor Octopus and Doctor Doom; follow his burgeoning romance with the winsome Mary Jane Watson; and chronicles the tribulations of the long-suffering Aunt May. The pacing here is different from the traditional comic book, but face front, True Believers: this is Spider-Man! All the action! All the melodrama! In the Mighty Marvel Manner!

— Thomas Moudry
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