Battlefields: The Night Witches

    (Dynamite, 2008)
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(from the publisher)

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT is proud to be the new home for the next series of Garth Ennis’ “war” books, all under the “Battlfields” header!

Late summer, 1942. As the German army smashes deep into Soviet Russia and the defenders of the Motherland retreat in disarray, a new bomber squadron arrives at a Russian forward airbase. Its crews will fly flimsy wooden biplanes on lethal night missions over German lines, risking fiery death as they fling themselves against the invader- but for these pilots, the consequences of capture will be even worse. For the pilots of the 599th Night Bomber Regiment are women. In the deadly skies of the Eastern front, they will become a legend- known, to friend and foe alike, as the Night Witches.

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#1 Variation A

5 copies available from $0.99
Cover A by John Cassadayca. 2008Garth EnnisRussell Braun

#1 Variation B

6 copies available from $0.99
Cover B by Gary Leachca. 2008Garth EnnisRussell Braun

#1 Variation C

2 copies available from $7.00
Cover C by John Cassaday; Negative Incentive Cover Garth EnnisRussell Braun


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  Garth EnnisRussell Braun


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  Garth EnnisRussell Braun

Book #1

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Collects Battlefields: The Night Witches #1-3 and cover galleryca. 2009Garth EnnisRussell Braun