A Caliber Christmas (2nd Series)

    (Caliber, 1998)
™ and ©1998 the respective creators

This 64-page anthology features nine Caliber Comics’ characters in stories that evoke the spirit of Christmas.

As examples of the anthology, in a story featuring Saint Germaine by Gary Reed and Andy Bennett, an old man lies on his hospital deathbed remembering his life, his wife, his children, and his father. Germaine’s visit brings back the joy of Christmas and demonstrates the power of memories.

In a Kilroy story by Joe Pruett and Michael Gaydos, an American soldier trapped in North Vietnam gets a second chance at life on Christmas Eve. Finally, in a Lifequest story by Matt Vanderpol, Sam explains and demonstrates the joys of giving.

The anthology also contains stories of Legendlore, The Jam, The Apparition, Pakkins’ Land, Kaos Moon, and Little White Mouse.

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 Matt Vander Pol, Joe Martin, Bernie Mireault, James Pruett, Gary Shipman, Gary Reed, David Boller, Joe Pruett, Paul SizerPhil Xavier, Matt Vander Pol, Bernie Mireault, Gene Gonzales, Gary Shipman, Andy Bennett, David Boller, Michael Gaydos, Paul Sizer