Aliens: Salvation

    (Dark Horse, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Aliens: Salvation is a chilling tale of faith and survival.

For Selkirk the pilot, taking this job with the Company meant a freehold on some farm planet. None of crew seemed to know or care what the mission was about, or what the cargo was that they carried. Nobody, that is, except the Captain. And when the stasis fields in cargo hold #4 malfunctioned, the Captain was the first to grab Selkirk and head for the space ship’s “lifeboat.” The others be damned—there was no saving them.

The two crashed on a desolate world where Selkirk, a deeply religious man, prayed to God to grant them salvation. As it turns out, the real enemy was not their lack of provisions or the wounds they suffered in crashing onto this strange planet. It was the deserted ship, which has since crashed into the same planet killing the remaining crewmen and spilling out the contents of cargo bay #4…

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