(Dark Horse, 2009)
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Jayce, an introspective writer, and Hawk, an excitable artist and inventor, have unofficially taken up residence in the home of sweet and thoughtful Alice and hard-drinking, hard-smoking, hard-hitting Gina. The foursome’s busy trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives, and how the heck to fit their college classes in around marathon video-game sessions, visits to the comic shop, and offbeat road trips, but when Hawk gets fed up with constantly striking out with women and decides to create the perfect girlfriend in his basement lab, passing classes suddenly becomes the least of the group’s worries! If Hawk’s project is a success, will his creation be content with being the perfect girlfriend, or will she have dreams of her own? And…uh …how many more things is she going to blow up?

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 Collects first two years of Applegeeks webcomicAnanth PanagariyaMohammad F. Haque


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  Ananth PanagariyaMohammad F. Haque