Agent Liberty Special

    (DC, 1992)
™ and ©1992 DC Comics, Inc.

Known best from his exploits in the pages of Superman, Agent Liberty explodes into action in this, his first solo adventure. It begins when he encounters a strange paramilitary group trying to break into the Pentagon. Ben Lockewood, a.k.a. Agent Liberty, stops the group, but a second, lone agent manages to get inside the Pentagon undetected. Inside, the infiltrator steals two items: a cassette tape and a simple map of Iran.

Working with his group, the Sons of Liberty, Lockewood connects this heist to a similar break-in in Iran. Before long, he would be called on to save our nation’s capitol from nuclear devastation—and come face-to-face with a specter from his own past.

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 Origin of Agent Liberty (Benjamin Lockwood); ca. 1992Dan JurgensDusty Abell