The Literals

    (Vertigo, 2009)
ô and © 2009 DC Comics, Inc.

(from the publisher)

If youíre a reader of JACK OF FABLES, then youíre familiar with The Literals - an extended family of characters who literally embody literary notions. Itís also very possible that one of The Literals may have created all of the Fables plus the universe in which they reside, unbeknownst to our beloved Fables. The full story on this enigmatic crew of characters begins here.

The story kicks off when Jack reveals the existence of The Literals to Fabletown, and things quickly get chaotic from there. Fables donít like the idea of having a living god who can wipe them out with the stroke of a pen, and have thus decided to get rid of The Literals. Will they succeed in erasing their creator from existence, or will he literally rub them out first?

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Includes preview of The Unwritten #1Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges, Mike CareyMark Buckingham, Peter Gross


7 copies available from $0.99
 Bill Willingham, Matthew SturgesMark Buckingham


5 copies available from $0.99
 Bill Willingham, Matthew SturgesMark Buckingham