The Simpsons Summer Shindig

    (Bongo, 2007-2008)
© & ™ 2007 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The Simpsons phenomenon goes on and on. With the successful two decade run of the hit TV show, a hit movie and numerous toys, books and comic books, there seems to be no end in sight to what was initially conceived of a filler segment for the Tracey Ullman Show. Summer Shindig is an all-new collection of stories with a summer theme, which proves once again that The Simpsons well, is far from running dry. What was originally conceived of as a fad, has now achieved iconic status.

— Mark Arnold

48 pages of yellow-hued hijinx about Simpsony summer delights by writers Chris yambor, Mary Trainor and Tony Digerolamo, along with too many pencilers and inkers to list, but all of whom stick to the house style of comedy and cartooning. Tales like Bart running amok at a country fair or a clever, wordless sequence showing the little nuisance suffering from insomnia typify the contents.

— Brendan McGinley
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May, 2010
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $17.99
Pat McGreal, Carol Lay, Eric Rogers, Ian BoothbyJohn Costanza, Carol Lay, James Lloyd, John Delaney
May, 2011
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $4.00
Brian Houlihan, Pat McGreal, Carol LayJames Lloyd, Phil Ortiz, Carol Lay
May, 2012
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $4.25
Carol Lay, Tony Digerolamo, Nathan Kane, Batton Lash, Max DavisonCarol Lay, James Lloyd, Tone Rodriguez, John Costanza
May, 2013
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $3.75
John Jackson Miller, Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith, Ian Boothby, Max DavisonRex Lindsey, Phil Ortiz, John Delaney, Tone Rodriguez
May, 2014
Cover Price: $4.99
1 copy available for $4.25
Mike W. Barr, Max Davison, Ian Boothby, David SeidmanRex Lindsey, James Lloyd, Nina Matsumoto, Mike Kazaleh
May, 2015
Cover Price: $4.99
2 copies available from $4.50
Ian Boothby, Max Davison, Nathan KaneJacob Chabot, John Delaney, Mike Kazaleh, Nina Matsumoto