Iron Manual Mark 3

    (Marvel, 2010)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

(from the publisher)

Activate the latest edition of the IRON MANUAL, purposed for experts and novices alike! Built around reliable parts including Iron Man and War Machine; engineered with new designs such as Rescue, Ezekiel Stane and Whiplash (Vanko); kit-bashed from the future with the Stark and Iron Man 2020; and refurbished to accommodate an infusion of Firebrand, Mandroids, LMDs, Masters of Silence, Anthem, Gremlin and more! It’s all in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe format, featuring plenty of all-new art by Mario Gully (Ant, KIDNAPPED)!
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Cover Price: $3.99
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Michael Hoskin, Anthony Flamini, Peter Sanderson, Ronald Byrd, Mark O’English, Kevin Garcia, Gabriel Shechter, Rob London, Markus Raymond, Mike O’SullivanMario Gully, Chris Sotomayor, Jerry Kalinowski, Nelson Ribeiro, Mike Fichera, Gally Articola, Wally Wood, Luke McDonnell, Dave Cockrum, Frank Miller, Paul Pelletier, Barry Kitson, Adi Granov, Chuck Patton, Mark D. Bright, Carl Potts, jack Kirby, John Romita Jr., Dave Gibbons, Eliot Brown, Bob Layton, Michael Perkins, Don Heck, Sean Chen, Walt Simonson, Steve Rude, Steve Uy, Alex Saviuk, Scot Eaton, Ken Steacy, Herb Trimpe, Sal Buscema, George Tuska, Ryan Meinerding, Carlo Pagulayan, Lou Kang, Marc Siry, Tom Morgan, Stefano Caselli, Brian Denham, Adam Warren, Rick Burchett, Neal Adams, Kieron Dwyer, Igor Kordey, Steve Ditko, Gene Colan, Leonardo Manco, Mark Gruenwald, Wellington AlvesGeorge Perez, Salvador Larroca, Jim Valentino, Kev Hopgood, Kevin West, Jim Cheung, Marko Djurdjevic, Phillippe Briones, Stewart Johnson, Jim Califlore, Patrick Zircher, Andrew Wildman, Lee Weeks, Butch Guice, Jorge Lucas