A Decade of Dark Horse

    (Dark Horse, 1996-1997)
™ and ©1996 the respective creators

Ten short years after its small beginning with Dark Horse Presents and Boris the Bear, Dark Horse Comics has grown into one of the most influential comic book publishers in the country. Building on the concept of creator-owned stories, Dark Horse attracted some of the best writers and artists in the business. And with the addition of series based on licensed characters from popular movies such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and The Terminator, the small company from Oregon became a major player.

This four-issue series is an unabashed celebration of Dark Horse’s first ten years, but it is definitely not a reprint title. These all-new stories, from creators like Frank Miller, Matt Wagner, and others, showcase titles such as Grendel, Predator, Aliens, and Sin City.
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July, 1996
Cover Price: $2.95
5 copies available from $2.00
Frank Miller, Henry Gilroy, Matt WagnerFrank Miller, Igor Kordey, Matt Wagner
August, 1996
Cover Price: $2.95
3 copies available from $4.00
Eric Luke, Ron Randall, Ryder Windham, Randy StradleyAllen Nunis, Ron Randall, Scott Benefiel
September, 1996
Cover Price: $2.95
6 copies available from $2.16
Johji Manabe, John Arcudi, Mark Verheiden, Mike BaronDoug Mahnke, Johji Manabe, Mark A. Nelson, Steve Rude
October, 1996
Cover Price: $2.95
8 copies available from $1.75
Chris Warner, Masamune Shirow, Paul Chadwick, Randy StradleyChris Warner, Masamune Shirow, Paul Chadwick, Scott Kolins