Batman: Holy Terror

    (DC, 1991)
™ and ©1991 DC Comics, Inc.

This alternate-reality Batman story takes place in a world where Oliver Cromwell never lost his grip on power. As a result, Church and State were never separated in England, or later in the Americas. A totalitarian state arose in which homosexuals were murdered by the millions and sexual deviation was dealt with using brutal “medical treatments.”

Bruce Wayne’s parents were elite officials in the religious hierarchy, but they secretly helped regime’s opposition. When they were discovered, a secret “Star Chamber” arranged for a murderer named Joe Chill to kill them in what was meant to look like a random act of street crime. When he was grown, Bruce Wayne would discover the shocking truth behind his parents’ death. In his rage he vowed to fight the regime as a dark crusader, even while he served it as a religious minister.
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October, 1991
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Alan BrennertNorm Breyfogle