Power Comics (Power)

    (Power, 1977)
™ and ©1977 Power Comics Company

Before launching new characters in their own titles, cautious comic book publishers “guest star” new creations in already popular books so as to gage reader response. Such was the case with Superman, Batman and Spider-Man—all comic book legends in their own right. Flash forward three decades and independent publisher Power Comics Company can be found taking the same conservative approach with its showcase book Power Comics.

A forum for new and interesting super-heroes such as Bluebird, Nightwitch and Cobalt Blue to prove their worth, the 30-page book also allowed comicdom’s newest artists and writers to “get their feet wet.” With each book containing either a two-chapter story or a main and backup story, multiple creative teams were given the opportunity to showcase their talents. As was the case with its predecessors, the conservative approach to character introduction paid off for many in the Power Comics stable—Nightwitch and Cobalt Blue eventually went on to star in their very own titles!

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 1st Dave Sim aardvark; NightwitchDave Sim, T. Casey Brennan, Jerry YounkinsV.J. Marchesano, J.J. Friel, Dave Sim

#1 - 2nd printing

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 NightwitchDave Sim, T. Casey Brennan, Jerry YounkinsV. J. Marchesano, J.J. Friel, Dave Sim


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 1st Appearance of Cobalt Blue; Origin of Cobalt BlueKevin Hyde, T. Casey BrennanMike Gustovich, Joe Zabel, Bill Loebs, Tom Sullivan


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  Ed LanghamSkip Williams, Bruce Bennett


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  James WaleyJames Craig


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 1st appearance of BluebirdJoe ZabelMike Gustovich, William F. Loebs, Aaron Mcclellan