God’s 15 Minutes

    (Aardwolf, 2004)
TM and © Clifford Meth

Clifford Meth is a good writer. He’s a very good writer. He’s just not a “feel-good” writer.

Meth insists he’s an optimist. The glass is half-full, he says; it’s just half-full of something particularly nasty.

These tales are full of twists and turns. Themes may be revisited, but the same path is rarely taken twice. Just when you think he’s all about unfaithful women, abused children, and misguided religious figures, Meth pulls out a bittersweet story like “Two out of Three.”

A number of Meth’s friends weigh in on the subject. Harlan Ellison, Steve Gerber, CBG’s Tony Isabella, and others lend commentary on the man and his writing.

Of special interest to comics fans, these short stories are illustrated by more of Meth’s posse. Dave Cockrum, Gene Colan, Marie Severin, and many more lend their talents to the effort.

At times, Meth is a little bit King, Bloch, Hitchcock, or Serling, but he never ceases being all Meth. He’s an acquired taste, but those who acquire it will need to supersize their servings.

— Jack Abramowitz
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