Avengers Assemble (3rd Series)

    (Marvel, 2010)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

(from the publisher)

The Official Handbook continues to soar during 2010’s Heroic Age with an update for all things Avengers, featuring Captain America (Rogers) and Thor! In-depth profiles on the good: Bengal, Black Knight (Percy), Komodo, Whiz Kid and Prodigy! The bad: Proctor, Super-Adaptoid, the Dark Avengers & the Ragnarok clone! And everyone in between: Arkon, Trauma, Bova, Young Masters, and the Phone Ranger?! Featuring ORIGINAL ART for dozens of characters! Avengers Assemble!

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  Jeff Christiansen, Rob London, Michael Hoskin, Ronald Byrd, Markus Raymond, Madison Carter, Gabriel Shechter, Kevin Garcia, Sean Mcquaid, Mike O’sullivan, Chris Biggs, Jacob RougemontGus Vasquez, Tom Chu