A-Team War Stories

    (Idea + Design Works, 2010)
™ and © Idea + Design Works

(from the publisher)

A collection of four action-packed standalone prequel stories to this summer’s most anticipated movie! Co-written by Chuck Dixon (G.I. Joe) and Erik Burnham (Nanovor: Game Day), A-Team: War Stories gives fans a look at the team before it was a team, showcasing individual wartime adventures of Hannibal, B.A., Murdock, and Face. Together or alone, one thing is guaranteed when these four are involved: high-explosive excitement!

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 Collects A-Team War Stories: B.A. #1, A-Team War Stories: Face #1, A-Team War Stories: Hannibal #1 and A-Team War Stories: Murdock #1Chuck Dixon, Erik Burnham