10th Muse Gallery (2nd Series)

    (Bluewater, 2010)
™ and © Bluewater Comics

(from the publisher)

A decade ago, The 10th Muse from Image Comics blasted onto the scene, with covers by famed comic book artists like Chris Bachelo (X-Men), Andy Park (Tomb Raider), and Randy Green (Witchblade), among others. Now, find the best of the best of 10 years of covers. Come celebrate 10 years with a cover by Ken Lashley and JD Smith.

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  Marv WolfmanFerd, Andy Park, Roger Cruz, Kieron Grant, Tone Rodriguez, Gregg Paulsen, Ray Anthony Hieghts, Benn Mann, Nadir Balan, Ken Lashley, Randy Green, David Morán, Mike S. Miller, Jay Juch, Mike McDonald, Mario Gully, Stephen Platt, Ku Cha, Craig Rousseau, Talent Caldwell