Batman: Fortunate Son

    (DC, 1999)
™ and © 1999 DC Comics

This 1999 graphic novel finds the Batman and Robin at odds: the Dark Knight believes that cult-status rock star Izaak Crowe is a manipulative mastermind empowering his legion of teenage followers to commit crimes and riot in his name. Meanwhile, the Boy Wonder—who is among the performer’s many fans—insists that Crowe is just misunderstood, something of a tortured genius. Certainly a mystery worth solving, and one that finds the Dynamic Duo following separate paths as Batman vows to bring Crowe down and Robin works to exonerate his rocker-hero.

Beautifully illustrated by Gene Ha (Starman) and compellingly written by Gerard Jones (Green Lantern), Batman: Fortunate Son, a tale set in the early days of Batman and Robin’s partnership, is a treasure.
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