The A1 True Life Bikini Confidential

    (Atomeka, 1990)
™ and ©1990 The Respective Creators

The alluring female in an abbreviated, tight outfit has been a staple in comics for decades. But despite its title and slick cover art by Adam Hughes and Brian Bolland, The A1 True Life Bikini Confidential is more than an excuse for provocative pinup art—a fact that may disappoint a segment of the audience.

There is the series of covers spanning a myriad of genres (all featuring Bettie Page) by such renowned artists as John Bolton, Adam Hughes, and Mark Schultz, but other features definitely do not conform to the expected content. A clever account about a woman working at a phone sex service and a three-part story with an unexpected twist on the sexy, dimension-spanning sorceress theme, are surprising elements of this special from Atomeka Press.

— George Haberberger

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 Betty Page pin-ups; Adult; B&WAlan Martin, Alan Moore, Bob Burden, Brian Bolland, Dave Elliott, Melinda Gebbie, Michael T. Gilbert, Pedro Henry, Peter Milligan, Steve MooreWoodrow Phoenix, Mark Beachum, Mark Schultz, Alan Davis, Melinda Gebbie, Dave Dorman, Bob Burden, Brian Bolland, Carol Swain, David Jackson, Doug Braithwaite, Garry Leach, Jamie Hewlett, John Higgins, Michael T. Gilbert, Steve Parkhouse, William Simpson