Tales Of The Dragon Guard: Into the Veil

    (Marvel, 2010)
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(from the publisher)

The women warriors of the Dragon Guard fight to the death?in three epic tales of valor and victory! Tens of thousands of?creatures deformed by the mysterious curse of the Veil surge through the country like a wave of death, and only the Order of the Dragon Guard is strong enough to stand in their way! At the heart of the ruins of the Doge’s Palace lies the Arken jewel; he who wears it will inherit the throne. Their intentions of the two Dragon Knights and their apprentice hoping to get their hands on the?precious stone may be noble, but the ruins shelter strange creatures who wish to tear them apart nonetheless! On a journey to destroy a hidden dragon, Dragon Knight Raiad is wounded and taken into a mountain town to heal. But whole village is affected by the Veil, which Raiad has been trained to eradicate from a young age.
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November, 2010
Cover Price: $5.99
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AngePhillippe Briones
#1 Variation A
November, 2010
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AngePhilippe Briones

Cover Price: $5.99
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AngeChristian Paty
January, 2011
Cover Price: $5.99
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AngeLaurent Sieurac