Bicentennial Gross-Outs

    (Yentzer and Gonif, 1976)
™ and ©1976 Yentzer and Gonif

Bicentennial Gross-Outs is a one-shot underground comic from 1976, with a theme loosely based on the horrors of American history and the oppressiveness of the capitalist state in the mid-1970s (if only they knew what was to come!). As such, it’s a fairly typical representative of the later era of underground comics, except that it offers a wonderful opportunity to view the early work of William Stout, one of the best pure illustrators to emerge from comics in the last 30 years. Stout provides the cover and 21 mind-blowing pages of meticulously rendered artwork. “Filipino Massacre” tells the story of atrocities inflicted on the Philippines during the era of American occupation (1898-1920) in arch-EC Frontline Combat style, while “Realityland” is a lavishly illustrated guide to the Disneyfication of American culture that effortlessly traverses the styles of R. Crumb, Carl Barks and Heironymous Bosch.

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B&WWilliam Stout, Warren Greenwood, George Di Caprio, Icelandic Comics StudioWilliam Stout, Warren Greenwood, Jim Serpiello, Icelandic Comics Studio, Jim Himes, Romanek