Conqueror Universe

    (Harrier, 1985)
™ and ©1985 Harrier Publishing

This black-and-white collection of short stories chronicles the saga of the H.M.S. Conqueror of the Space Navy as she makes her way across the vast reaches of outer space. Very much a British version of Star Trek, Conqueror Universe has a rich history—lots of back-story to be mined to flesh out the concepts and the characters, particularly the intrepid Captain Russell and the feline-like Lieutenant Fl’ff. All the stories are written by Martin Lock and drawn by a variety of artists, including Dave Harwood (Redfox), Tony O’Donnell (Time Twisters), and Kevin Hopgood (2000 A.D., Iron Man).

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 Martin LockAndrew Nixon, Dave Harwood, David Roach, Graham Bleathman, Kev Hopgood, Mike Collins, Tony O’Donnell