Skynn & Bones

    (Brainstorm, 1995)
©1995 Kirk Lindo

Skynn is a sexy she-demon; Bones is a decaying skeleton. Together, this pair has inhabited the world for a million years, and have learned countless stories of horror, the mysterious, and the bizarre. They recount these stories as the hosts of this horror anthology series from Brainstorm Comics.

The tales inside are a varied lot, beginning with “Red Zone,” a science-fiction shocker of fast cars and time travel. The first issue then moves on the well-drawn but utterly bizarre “Five Year Plan.” “Assault,” a creepy tale of farming town cannibalism rounds out the premiere issue, with future issues promising similar tales of adults-only horror.
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January, 1995
Cover Price: $2.95
6 copies available from $3.00
Andrew Lynch, Brian Hodge, Elizabeth Massie, Paul AnthonyBill Ruth, Juan Pineda, Mshindo Kuumba