Pilot Season: Midway Earth

    (Top Cow, 2010)
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(from the publisher)

Our home planet is the strategic prize in a brutal war between two alien races. As the crucial midway point between them, the one that wins our world will win a conflict that has raged for thousands of years.

The earth is burning and the fate of mankind rests in the hands of a shattered man and a mysterious girl from a distant galaxy. Haunted by the loss of a choice made, Michael Clark tries to save a world caught in the crossfire of an intergalactic war. An entire race will depend on a single decision he must make - a decision that will see him sacrifice everything he holds dear and forever change the world we know.

Created and co-written by Marc Silvestri (X-Men/Dark Avengers: Utopia) and David Wohl (Executive Assistant Iris) with art by Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade), Midway Earth re-imagines the alien invasion story in a way never seen before.

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  Marc SilvestriStjepan Sejic