(Drawn and Quarterly, 2004)
™ and © 2004 David B.

This black and white—and red—anthology collects and reflects upon the dreams, musings, and passing interests of its writer-artist—some of which are focused on his brother’s epilepsy, the violence among the warring nations of Africa, and the thin line that separates dreaming from waking. This is very personal stuff, something of an illustrated journal, rather than a straight–forward, traditional narrative, but it’s an interesting look at David B.’s thought processes. Particularly effective are the writer–artist’s examinations of his brother’s epilepsy; obviously, such a condition has a tremendous impact on a family, but it’s David B.’s perspective as a brother who is struggling to incorporate the disease into his own coming of age that is truly affecting. Too often, would–be readers believe independents to be somewhat off–putting, but the personal nature of Babel is inviting and immediately comfortable.

— Thomas Moudry
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October, 2004
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David B.David B.
April, 2006
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