The Phantom: Legacy

    (Moonstone, 2006)
™ and © Moonstone

He’s the Ghost Who Walks; one of comicdom’s oldest heroes. A mantle passed from father to son, for generations the Phantom has protected Africa against everything from poachers to modern day slave traders. But what first possessed a white Englishman to don a mask and protect the jungle? How did he acquire his famous motifs, his skull and crossed sword rings? What is the secret origin of the Phantom?

All questions are answered in this comic-sized graphic novel from Moonstone, presented as a hand-written chronicle from the original Phantom. It’s all here: Kit Walker being marooned in Africa after a pirate attack, his adoption by the kindly Bandar tribe, his first battle against arch enemy Kabai Singh, and of course his rescue of Marabella, the beautiful woman who would ensure that the Phantom line would continue.

Writer Ben Raab provides a fine origin story with plenty of action, romance and adventure. Artist Pat Quinn compliments the text beautifully with spot illustrations throughout the book.

— Jerry Smith
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