Giant THB (Vol. 2)

    (Horse, 2003)
™ and ©2003 Paul Pope

Some comic artists carve their own path through the comics field, leaving bodies of other, less dynamic artists in their wake. Paul Pope is one such artist, blazing trails where few creators dare to follow.

Pope’s masterpiece is THB, the story of H. R. Watson, a teenage girl, and her giant robot protector, THB. THB is a “Supermek” robot concealed in a tiny pill. Just add a drop of water and you have an instant giant bodyguard. Sometimes however, water is hard to find, especially as the series is set on a colonized Mars. The story plays out against the political backdrop of the culture established by Martian colonists. H. R.’s father, another major character and the creator of the THB robot, is the wealthy manufacturer Clovis Watson. The story in Giant THB 1.V.2 combines a straightforward chase plot, cultural politics, and the unique relationship between H. R. and THB.

— Jerry Smith

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