Alley Oop Adventures

    (Antarctic, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Newspaper Enterprise Association

Created in 1933 by V.T. Hamlin, America’s oldest modern-day caveman has made the transition from worldwide syndication into a new comic book compiling his adventures. The comic strip revolves around the irrepressible caveman Alley Oop who travels from prehistoric land of Moo all the way to the 21st century in his friend Doc Wonmug’s time machine. This is an entertaining book for the entire family with its good-natured humorous twist on historical events. Other favorite regulars in the strip include King Guz and Queen Umpa of Moo, Doc Wonmug’s assistants Oscar and Ava, and Oop’s sensual girlfriend Ooola.

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4 copies available from $4.00
  Dan Davis, Dave GraueJack Bender, Dave Graue

#1 Variation A

1 copy available for $4.50
  Jack Bender, Dave Graue, Dan DavisJack Bender, Dan Davis


2 copies available from $4.50
  Mike ChapmanCarole Bender, Jack Bender


3 copies available from $4.50
  Dan DavisDan Davis, Jack Bender

Book #1

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 Limited to 500 copiesDan DavisDan Davis, Jack Bender