Ace McCoy

    (Avalon, 2000)
™ and ©2000 Avalon Comics Group

Johnny Comet is on the verge of a successful career as an action movie stuntman. There are only a couple of catches. First, he has to change his name to “Ace McCoy.” And second, he’ll have to cool his heels during a production break as a daring stunt performer at a traveling carnival. Neither requirement particularly bothers the hero—he’s happy to use his skills to perform death-defying feats for carnival audiences, and he wears his new name well. Little does he suspect that his fellow stuntmen at the carny aren’t too thrilled about new blood outdoing them, and they intend to make his new career a short one.

Featuring the art of Frank Frazetta, this daily newspaper strip is hokey, entertaining, and with a square-jawed hero and lots of long-legged ladies, pure Frazetta. Collected and published in black-and-white by ACG Comics.

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 #1 Issue; B&WJack KellerFrank Frazetta, Jack Keller


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 #2 Issue; B&WJoe Gill 


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 #3 Issue; B&WEarl BaldwinFrank Frazetta