Smallville: The Visual Guide

    (DK, 2006)

Smallville, as non-viewers may not be aware, is the story of young Clark Kent, growing up in the meteor capital of the world. This meteoric fame is a great addition to the legend; not only did the rocket from Krypton land in Kansas, so did much of the planet’s remains. And, aside from its effect on Clark, the abundance of kryptonite causes mutations in many of the locals.

There’s a lot of fun stuff in here for readers familiar with Kal-El’s long history (and varying continuities). Lex Luthor and Lana Lang are expected to be on hand, being from Smallville in the comics. From there, readers progress to Brainiac, Mikhail Mxyzptlk, and Lois Lane, corresponding to characters in the greater Superman mythos. Finally, there are such characters as Arthur Curry, Bart Allen, and Victor Stone, representing the greater DC universe.

—Jack Abramowitz

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 96 pagesCraig Byrne 

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