StormWatch Sourcebook

    (Image, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Aegis Entertainment, Inc.

This title is for everybody who wants to know everything about their favorite StormWatch characters. Working somewhat like a “StormWatch index,” the sourcebook provides thorough background information on twenty-three of the best and baddest from this Image title. Included are character shots, origins, first appearance listings, power summaries, and more. There is also information on two StormWatch combat vehicles and Skywatch, the flying fortress that keeps watch over Earth.
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January, 1994
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Jeff Mariotte, Jim Lee, Bill Kaplan, Brandon Choi, Eliot BrownRyan Benjamin, Richard Bennett, Brett Booth, Matt Broome, Eliot Brown, Travis Charest, Scott Clark, Alex Garner, Jim Lee, Sal Regla, Dwayne Turner